About us

Merlin Solutions represents the Spanish Industrial Chemical Plant Alaba in the BeNeLux and Germany. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation in producing high-tech wood coatings, cleaning and maintenance products for bikes, versatile lubricants such as silicone fluids, fuels for RC models, and the colouring of fertilizers.

We also specialize in developing OEM solutions on an industrial scale, catering to diverse needs.

Our portfolio includes renowned brands such as Merlin Bike Care and Merlin Fuel.


Our products are produced with the most advanced analytic instruments, essential for cutting-edge development and to ensure constant quality of our products.

Thanks to its quality management, Alaba posseses the European ISO 9001 Certificate, since the year 2000.

Accurate production

Our production processes are based on:

1. Advanced research and development in the lab.
2. Automatic and precise dosage of components.
3. Full blend of components with controlled process temperature.
4. Precise quality control with traceable batch management.